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2.3 Zurückbehaltungsrecht right of retention/ right to retain payment
2.4 Zahlungsverzug delay of payment/ late payment
§449 para.2 BGB Pursuant to this legal provision in the German Civil Code the seller may only request return of the delivered goods on the basis of retaining the title if he has previously rescinded the contract
Vorbehaltsware reserved goods
2.5 §321 BGB This legal provision in the German Civil Code in the case of an obligation to perform in advance gives the seller the right to refuse to provide service if, after conclusion of the contract, it becomes evident that its right to payment is endangered by the Buyer’s lack of ability to pay. The right to refuse performance is not applicable if counter performance is effected or security for this is provided. The seller may set the buyer a reasonable period of time to effect the counter performance or provide security. After unsuccessful expiry of this deadline the seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract.
§ 112 Inso Pursuant to this legal provision of the German Insolvency Act in case of the opening of Insolvency Proceedings a contract for the tenancy or lease of immovables cannot be terminated due to a late payment of the rent before the request to open proceedings or due to a deterioration of the debtor’s financial situation
3.1 unverzüglich immediate/ prompt
4.1 Störung Interruption
unverzüglich immediate/ prompt
4.3 Schadens- und Aufwendungsersatz damages or reimbursement of expenses
Verzugshaftung liability for default
grobe Fahrlässigkeit gross negligence
Vorsatz Intent
5. Sachmängel material defects
Aufwandsersatz reimbursement of expenses
5.2 §478 BGB This legal provision of the German Civil Code gives the seller a right of recourse against his supplier in the case of warranty claims of a consumer.
§438 subsec.1 No. 2 BGB This legal provision of the German Civil Code stipulates longer warranty periods in the cases named in cipher 5.2.
Nacherfüllung subsequent fulfillment
6. Rechtsmängel defects of title
7.1 Produkthaftungsgesetz Product Liability Act
8.4 Kaufmann merchant